Home Remedies for Sore Throat, Hoarseness of voice, Phlegm,

Sore throat, cough with phlegm,hoarseness of voicecongestion and cold are frequent complaints we encounter in the winter season. The below mentioned are a few home remedies for Sore throat associated with cough and phlegm:

  • Keep a piece of Catechu(Pooga-Beetel nut) or Liquorice(Madhuka or Yashtimadhu-Glycyrrhiza glabra) or Sweet Flag(Vacha-Acorus Calamus) in the mouth and slowly swallow the juice. They relieve the sore throat , removes phlegm and soothens the throat. They act as lozenges.
  • Infusion of Maricha(Black Pepper)- used for gargle. It relieves associated throat pain too.Useful in Hoarseness of voice too.
  • Warm tamarind water for gargling.
  • Powder of Amalaki(Embelic Myrobalan), Saindhava Lavana(Rock Salt) and Pippali(Long Pepper)- mixed with honey. Useful in Hoarseness of voice too.
  • Hareetaki powder(Chebulic Myrobalan) is added and mixed with honey. A pinch of rock salt is added and mixed in it and is consumed(Also relieves hoarseness of voice).
  • Hot milk with Pepper powder and sugar.
  • Hot milk added with Amalaki powder(Embelic Myrobalan).
  • Powder of Pippali with honey.
  • Decoction of Madhuka(Liquorice).
  • Turmeric powder and Pepper powder mixed in hot milk or their infusion served hot.
  • Infusion of Ardraka(Wet Ginger)…relieves sore throat, cold, congestion and improves taste and appetite.

Any one of the above said remedies can be tried at home and the problems mentioned above can be tackled in the sprouting stage itself. They are safe and highly effective.

Other simple tips to avoid the above said problems:

*Drink hot water and keep your self warm.

*Take a hot water steam adding 2 drops of Eucolyptus oi;.

*Avoid refregirated drinks or food…Take light digestable hot and fresh food.

*Avoid bakery items and junk foods.

*Take a hot water gargle in the morning and night before retiring in the cold season. If a pinch of salt has been added to the water it gives additional relief. It clears the secretions, soothens the throat and relieves the pain.

If the above said measures are followed along with one of the above said remedies…we can quickly come out of the sore throat and other problems. They also keep us sterile and healthy in the cold season…..and more over they cost nothing………….



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