Nasya: The best remedy for Sinusitis

Suffering from Sinusitis?

Do not worry…You just need a tough thing to beat it…..

& nothing better than Nasya…………….

What is Nasya???

Nasya is a word related to Naasa (Sanskrit word for Nose). In the Ayurveda system of treatment, especially in the category of Panchakarma (5 major treatments) or Shodhana Chikitsa (Cleansing treatment) Nasya is a treatment wherein the medicines are put into the nose. The medicines are in the form of either medicated Taila (oil) or Ghrita (ghee) or Choorna (Powder) or Swarasa (herbal juice) or Kashaya (Decoction) or Ksheera (Milk) etc. The medicaments and its form of usage are chosen and decided by an experienced Ayurvedic doctor.

Nasya-Great relief for those suffering from Sinusitis:

Nasya is an effective treatment in various types of headaches. Sinusitis is a common type of headache associated with facial pain, along with Nasal complaints.

People would be frustrated with the pain, nasal complaints, sleeplessness and other pressure symptoms. They would have given up after a series of interventions which would have not yielded much relief or would have given temporary and short time relief. For all those who are victims of long standing stubborn Sinusitis, Nasya comes as a blessing. The relief from Sinusitis brought about by Nasya is also complemented by an enhanced immunity in the nasal bed.

Nasya is generally done in the early hours of the morning on empty stomach (In some conditions it is done during noon and also at evening)

A course of Nasya is generally done for 7 days at a stretch (May vary from 5 to 12 days in some diseases)

A set of medication is given by the physician before the commencement of treatment which is to be taken for a few days as preparation for treatment. Some medicines are prescribed during the course of the treatment which bring about internal healing and also attends the root of the disease. The medicines prescribed after the completion of treatment will aim at improving and stabilising the immunity. These medications become an essential part of the treatment.

Booster doses: Those who have chronic and stubborn disease along with less immunity should undertake Nasya treatment atleast twice or thrice a year (as recommended by the doctor) until things come under good control.

Rasayana’s (immune-modulators and enhancers) for a longer period is a must in chronic conditions.

Nasya is very effective in relieving Sinusitis….One needs to experience to know the relief…

The base line is: Maintenance is more important than Servicing, for a vehicle, a machine or our body. We would have done a good service but the maintenance is in your hands. A permanent cure is thus in your hands.

Love and care your body and mind and they will reciprocate it in a lovely way

Pass on this information to your near and dearsif it has helped you….

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Do not wait for things to go out of limits. Prevention is always the best remedy.

Prevention or interventionwhen you think of handling things in a natural waythink of AYURVEDA

For Health Awareness

By: Dr Raghuram Y.S. 


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Ph: +91-9480071422


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